Let our lead

management system generates rapid
sales for you

We offer thorough nurturing and effective communication to aid the conversion of lead into sales. Maplle CRM’s lead management software guarantees to monitor your leads through the sales pipeline, from generating the leads to scoring to converting leads into potential buyers and sales.

Flexible and easy to use lead management system that allows you to manage your lead in your way. You can easily personalize the software in such a way that you can manage, organize, and sort your sales leads online; it includes, automatic email responses configuration, follow-up schedule, and creation of email marketing campaigns.

Maplle takes the responsibility of managing your leads to enable you to concentrate on top priorities of your daily activities, including closing deals. We guarantee you optimality out of every lead, from forms designed to capture all information needed, to identify exactly where a penetrating leads travel within your system.

With Maplle, you get an easy to use lead management system that does not require special expertise ot technical knowledge to operate. Our intuitive system is the perfect leads management system that offers you varieties of options for managing your leads from initial point to sales close.

Lead Capture Automation.

Leads Personalisation.

Duplicity Tracking.

Customized report.

Multi-LEVEL data view.

Mobile APP.

Agent/consulter tracking.

Higher application to conversion ratio.

LIVE tracking.

Multi-level source tracking (offline and online mode).

Unified Platform.

Campaign tracking.

Import and Export data.

Multi-communication via different channels.

Multi-level integration (ERP, Landing Page).

SMS and EMAIL integration and Notification.

Lead engagement.

SMS and Email Notification.